Axon 7 Mini (tulip) Recovery Install Guide


This is a dangerous tool. It can render your device permanently unusable. If you use it, your warranty will likely be void. You accept all responsibility for the consequences.


Special thanks to rombdeta for providing the OEM programmer binary. This would not be possible without his help.

Note Well

The first rule of intelligent tinkering is to save all the parts.


  1. Download recovery from here.
  2. Download tuliptool from here.
  3. Extract the tuliptool package.
  4. Setup your computer.

Setup for Linux

  1. Create a file named /etc/udev/rules.d/99-qcom.rules with this content exactly as shown below.
  2. Ensure your login user is in the plugdev group.
SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="05c6", GROUP="plugdev"

Setup for Windows

  1. Download zadig.
  2. Boot your device in EDL mode (see below).
  3. Windows will want to install the Qualcomm USB driver. We won't be using it so cancel.
  4. Run zadig. Find device 05c6:9008 and install the WinUSB driver for it.

Setup for MacOS

  • No setup should be necessary.

    Booting in EDL mode

    Via adb

    This works for all devices.
    adb reboot edl

    Via key combo

    If you have a US model device (or the aboot from a US model device) you may use the key combo:
    1. Power off and unplug the device.
    2. Hold both volume buttons.
    3. Plug the device into your PC.
    4. Wait about 3 seconds and release the buttons.

    Via EDL cable

    This works for all devices.
    If you have an EDL cable, simply use it as normal.
    If you do not have an EDL cable, use this guide. Note that you should unplug the device to remove the wire in step 10 to avoid any possibility of damage. The device will remain in EDL mode until rebooted.


    tuliptool <read|write> <boot|recovery> <filename>
    tuliptool read recovery stock-recovery.img
    tuliptool write recovery tulip-twrp-7.1-r1.img

    Multiple Operations

    This is a "one shot" tool. After performing an operation, it will reset the device with a 5 second countdown. If you wish do perform multiple operations (eg. backup, flash), simply re-enter EDL mode.

    Common Problems

    Device not found
    First enter EDL mode, then run the tool.

    Device is visible in device manager or lspci but cannot be found by the tool.
    Connect directly to the PC, not through a hub.

    Windows says bad file descriptor
    The WinUSB driver is not installed.

    Linux says permission denied
    Your login user is not in the plugdev group.